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January 25, 2018

"The celebration of the new fiber optic trunk line bringing high bandwidth to six community institutions in Steamboat Springs was still underway ... when the news broke that a last-mile provider was on board to  deliver on the promise of extending high bandwidth service to a broader customer base."

October 26, 2017

"The newly completed $2.2 million fiber optic trunk line, which spans the width of Steamboat Springs, may already be on the verge of delivering on its promise of extending increased and more affordable broadband capacity to businesses and households in the city.'

June 16, 2016

"With modern internet service established as a cornerstone of economic development, Northwest Colorado communities are seeking to improve speeds, provide reliability and reduce costs."

August 11, 2015

"When Steamboat Springs resolved to improve Internet access for key community anchor institutions and businesses, they decided to make an economical investment in a carrier neutral facility to allow multiple ISPs to invest and compete with each other. In episode 163 of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast, Tim Miles explains what that means and how they did it."

April 25, 2020

Internet outages became a distant memory this month as a good chunk of Western Colorado turned on a new broadband system. But this wasn’t built by a typical telecom. It took a band of local governments and partners from 14 rural communities to stitch together the 481-mile network, dubbed “Project Thor.”

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